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Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues – a typographers version

For all typographic loving Bob Dylan fans out there …

Damn. Why didn’t I think of doing that? Very well done. Would love to own some of these pieces as one offs.

For more information on the process and to see some of the stills click here.

A bit of typographic art

This is one of my favourite design quotes, which I have designed and framed to hang in my office, as a little reminder.

I did a similar typographic art/design for a reading which I did at my brothers wedding recently. I set it out and framed it for a wedding gift, as I wanted it to be kept as a momento, rather than just read out and forgotten, and it inspired me to produce this.

There seems to be a trend for typographic art just lately, ever since the ‘Keep Calm … ‘ posters became popular. A quick search on Etsy (or similar sites) will throw up pages and pages of them. Some are pretty lame (people trying to make easy money) but there are some beautiful ones. Usually the better ones are hand rendered or screen printed, or even better, printed on an old fashioned letter press. I’m all in favour.