My hand drawn type

If I don't know...
I’m slightly obsessed with looking at typography on Pinterest just lately. I have a board of typographic art if you’re interested. I’m a bit of a late comer to Pinterest (I’d previously assumed it was all cute animals and cupcakes), but that’s probably not a bad thing, because I must have saved myself a huge amount of time, in all the time I wasn’t on it. It can suck hours from a day like the most ravenous virtual vampire. I justify looking at type though as I see it as ‘work related research’. Yeah, it’s great being freelance.

Anyway, looking at lots of hand drawn type has inspired me to do some more. I’ve dabbled a bit here and there – I did a Bladerunner quote as a present for my other half (‘I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe …’) and a few scribbles in a sketchbook, but have never known quite what to write.

the designer says...
Then I bought a copy of The Designer Says by Sara Bader. A little book full of quotes and words of wisdom from designers. So now I have some material to use in order to practice my hand drawn lettering. It will take some practice too I think (this was my second attempt) but hopefully I’ll improve as I do more. I might also use favoured song lyrics or film quotes too, but nothing corny or spiritual – there’s enough life-affirming quotes on Pinterest to send you to the brink of suicide!


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