Tactile typography

My new favourite discovery are sister duo Maricor and Maricar from Sydney, Australia. If you (like me) have a love of craft as well as typography, you will love their work.

MaricorMaricar_HK_Del13 Source Maricor Maricar

Here is a link to their TACTILE work, which I just absolutely adore. I dabble in a bit of embroidery in my spare time, but nothing as beautiful as this. Their attention to detail is incredible, but at the same time, their work looks like such fun. You can also see lots of other lovely work on their website, from printed typography, to illustration and even animation. They also have a blog which I’ve added to my list.

MaricorMaricar_FT1 MaricorMaricar_FT4 Source Maricor Maricar

Here’s a little video of them talking about their work. They describe themselves at one point as obsessive/compulsive. No, really? I guess that’s what I’m lacking.


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