Recent work

A few more book covers:

Both of these went through many design stages / changes of brief etc before being finalised, yet they look like such simple covers! So deceptive.

With the cover for Software Receiver Design, I picked up the circular design in the background image (you can just see bottom left) to create a frame to hold the title in place. It would otherwise have floated on a vast sea of blue. And the diagram on the cover on the right was redrawn from scratch. Doesn’t look that difficult, but with each plane of the graph being slightly transparent, and the whole thing needing to appear 3D, it was a photoshop layering nightmare!Finally a couple of simple, colourful covers. Compared to the previous ones, it’s like being allowed out to play with the crayons after double maths.

These are a few sample spreads, marked up for the typesetters, for a text layout design I recently completed, ‘Fundamentals of Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability’. I do so few text designs these days, I’d forgotten just how much work they involve.


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