Typographic finds #3

This shop in Oxford has probably changed hands many times since it was called simply ‘Office’, yet the buildings historical purpose remains on show. The building itself is a lovely 1920’s art deco style, and the etched design on the side window fits into the shape of it beautifully.

But it doesn’t stop there. In the doorway is a mosaic that serves as a welcome mat, just to be sure you have the right place. I imagine in it’s day, the shop had nothing more than the subtle etched window and the stylish mosaic. Certainly no plasticated, neon lit, shop front sign of modern times. On a visit to Lisbon in Portugal a few years back, I was struck by how all of the shops on their high street had their name and design identity mosaicked into the doorway, just like this. I guess these days (certainly in the UK) shops are never around long enough for them to go to this sort of expense and trouble, but wouldn’t it be nicer!


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