Typographic finds #2

A small typographic tour of my partners home town of Ulverston:

I love that this old typographic ad has not only survived, but has been repainted and maintained. Even though I doubt very much you can buy Abbey Sauce in the local Tesco Express these days. I wonder what it tasted like? I think they generally rely on a different kind of delicious, stimulating tonic in the town these days.

A classic typographic treatment for the local opticians is painted on the front of their building. I love the subtle shades of grey which match the window frames.

The old ‘drug store’ on the corner still has a list of supplies wrapping around the building above the door. I hope this always remains a pharmacy so that this isn’t lost to history.

Quite appropriate that Gill Cycles is set in Gill Sans. It’s not just that though, I love the mechanical feel of the letters that could almost be made of spare bike parts. And they look especially good against that blue background. Pity about the plastic sign below.

Lastly, I wanted to show one of the many murals which are spreading around the town. I really like them, they certainly brighten up the dark alleyways they occupy. I especially like her (more on the artist here) typographic style, and so felt justified in adding this.


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